The following is a list of known issues, limitations, and recommendations that relate to UDI deployments:

·     Applications are disabled and cannot be automatically installed. This issue arises when the application requires administrator approval but has not yet been approved. If the Require administrator approval if users request this application check box is selected for the application, verify that the application has been approved.

For more information on how to require administrator approval and grant approval, see How to Deploy Applications in Configuration Manager.

·     When performing the MDT Refresh Computer deployment scenario with a USB hard disk attached, task sequence errors may occur, because the Configuration Manager task sequencer placed the _SMSTaskSequence folder on the USB drive. By default, the  Configuration Manager task sequencer places the _SMSTaskSequence folder on the drive with the most available free disk space, which can cause problems later in the deployment process if the USB drive is removed.

If the _SMSTaskSequence folder is located on a USB drive, the CheckSMSFolderOnUSBUDI task will detect this condition and prevent the deploment from continuing. To resolve this issue and perform the deployment, complete the following steps:

a.   Disconnect the USB drive from the target computer before starting the task sequence.

b.   Start the task sequence.

c.   Wait until the UDI Wizard starts.

d.   Connect the USB drive.

e.   Complete the UDI Wizard.

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