After you have added the column to the table and modified the appropriate views, configure the CustomSettings.ini file to reference the new column. To reference the new column in the CustomSettings.ini file, perform the following steps:

1.   Add a reference to the query section on the Priority line in the CustomSettings.ini file, if required.

This reference initiates the query defined in the query section that you will create in a later step. This step may not be necessary if CustomSettings.ini already has an existing query for the view or table referenced in the query.

2.   Add the new column name to the Properties line in the CustomSettings.ini file.

This reference informs MDT to resolve the value for AVServer and create a task sequence variable of the same name. The task sequence variable can then be referenced in a task sequence step.

3.   Create a query section that was referenced in step 1, which queries the appropriate table or view.

Example: How Woodgrove Bank Referenced the New Column in the CustomSettings.ini File

Woodgrove Bank queries the LocationSettings view to return the antivirus server for a particular location. The LSettings query already exists in the CustomSettings.ini file after running the Configure DB Wizard. As shown in Listing 16, all Woodgrove Bank needs to do is add AVServer to the Priority line so that MDT creates a task sequence variable of the same name.

Listing 16. CustomSettings.ini File to Retrieve Antivirus Server for Woodgrove Bank


Priority=LSettings, Default














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