The Properties reserved property (shown in Listing 1) defines any custom, user-defined properties to be used in the deployment. These user-defined properties are located by ZTIGather.wsf script in the CustomSettings.ini file (or configuration database). These properties are in addition to the predefined properties in MDT.

In Listing 1, CustomProperty is a user-defined property, and ScanStateArgs is a predefined property. For a list of the predefined properties in MDT, see the section, Properties, in the MDT document Toolkit Reference.

You can also define custom properties to which you can assign multiple values by adding numerical suffixes, such as ListProperty001, ListProperty002, and so on. You create these types of custom properties by adding “(*)” to the end of the property name. For example, ListProperty(*) defines the custom property as a list of property values instead of a single-valued property. Consider the following excerpt from a CustomSettings.ini file in which ListProperty(*) is defined:



Property=CustomProperty, ListProperty(*)




ListProperty001=New York City


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