The scripts used in Lite Touch Installation (LTI) and ZTI reference properties to determine the process steps and configuration settings used during the deployment process. The scripts create some of these properties automatically. Other properties must be configured in the CustomSettings.ini file. Some of these properties are:

·     Specific to ZTI only

·     Specific to LTI only

·     For use in both ZTI and LTI

Use this reference to help determine the correct properties to configure and the valid values to include for each property.

For each property the following information is provided:

·     Description. Provides a description of the purpose of the property and any pertinent information regarding the customization of the property.

Note   Unless explicitly specified for ZTI or LTI only, a property is valid for both ZTI and LTI.

·     Value and Description. Indicates the valid values to be specified for the property and a brief description of what each value means. (Values in italics indicate that a value is substituted—for example the value user1, user2 indicates that user1 and user2 would be replaced with the actual name of user accounts.)

·     Example. Provides an example of a property use as it might appear in the .ini files.

For more information about these and other task sequence properties that might be referenced while performing a ZTI deployment, see Operating System Deployment Task Sequence Variables.

The deployment scripts generally require values to be specified in upper case so that they are properly read. Therefore, when specifying property values, use uppercase letters.

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