The Priority reserved property determines the sequence and section in which you can find configuration values. Each section is searched in the order specified. When a property value is found, the remaining sections are not used for that property. In Listing 1, the [Default] section is parsed first, and then the section that corresponds to the MAC address of the target computer (in this case, [00:0F:20:35:DE:AC] or [00:03:FF:FE:FF:FF]).

Table 152 lists the types of sections that you can reference in the Priority property.

Table 152. Section Types for the Priority Property


You can base sections on

MDT properties

Any property known MDT. For example, specifying the HostName property causes MDT to scan for a section with the target computer host name. Other properties, like MACAddress, can result in multiple section names being checked (because a computer can have multiple MAC addresses).

Literal section name

A literal name that you specify in the Priority property. For example, if MySection is included in the Priority property, MDT would search for properties not previously found in the [MySection] section.

Indirect reference

A literal name that references a section, which in turn references other sections. For example, if the DefaultGateway property is included in the Priority property, MDT would search for the [DefaultGateway] section. If the [DefaultGateway] section references other sections (based on the IP address of the default gateway), this is an example of an indirect reference. For an example of indirect reference using the DefaultGateway property, see “Example: Computer Groupings Selected by Woodgrove Bank” in Select the Method for Grouping Computers.


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