After you have the appropriate wizard pages in the correct sequence for a stage, you can preview how the pages will appear in the UDI Wizard using the Preview feature in the UDI Wizard Designer. The Preview feature allows you to visualize the user experience and to make any changes to the user experience prior to performing actual deployments.

To preview the wizard pages and wizard page sequence flow for a stage using the UDI Wizard Designer

1.   In the UDI Wizard Designer console, in the details pane, expand stage (where stage is the stage you want to customize).

2.   On the Ribbon, on the Home tab, in the Preview Wizard group, click Preview.

The UDI Wizard opens and allows you to navigate through (preview) the wizard pages. For each wizard page, you can see the controls displayed and whether the controls are enabled.

3.   After reviewing the wizard pages, close the UDI Wizard.

You can also preview the wizard pages and the wizard page sequence flow for a stage by clicking the Preview hyperlink on the stage within a stage.

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