In this guide, the primary planning focus is on App-V client deployment and application sequencing. Also, this section briefly discusses infrastructure planning as it relates to the overall deployment project. The high-level steps for planning application virtualization as part of a desktop-deployment project are listed below. Additional guidance is available in the following white papers, available at

·     “App-V 4.5 Infrastructure Planning and Design”

·     “Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 Sequencing Guide”

·     “Virtual Application Management with Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 and System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2”

To plan application virtualization

1.   Plan the application virtualization infrastructure.

Determine where to store applications and prepare the network. Also, consider whether to use Configuration Manager 2012 Configuration Manager 2007 R3 and how to service branch offices during deployment.

2.   Plan the application App-V Sequencer environment.

The App-V Sequencer packages applications for deployment as virtualized applications. In this step, determine the requirements for sequencing applications.

3.   Choose an application deployment method.

You can deploy virtualized applications in any of three ways: streaming, stand-alone, or a combination of both. In this step, choose the deployment method.

4.   Plan how to deploy the App-V Desktop Client.

Determine how to deploy the App-V Desktop Client to client computers. For example, include the client in the operating system images, or deploy it by using Configuration Manager 2012 or Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

5.   Choose applications to sequence and deploy.

Not every application is suitable for application virtualization. In this step, choose which applications will be sequenced and whether they are suitable for virtualization or particularly difficult to sequence. This task can occur first or concurrently with the other tasks in this checklist.

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