The following task sequence steps are referenced by one or more of the available task sequence templates included with MDT. Each of the following examples lists the preconfigured properties, parameters, and options and can be used as a basis for building custom task sequences.

Only the task sequence step properties, parameters, and options, and their corresponding values are listed in the examples.

Note   For more information about each task sequence step, see the corresponding topics in Common Properties and Options for Task Sequence Step Types and Specific Properties and Settings for Task Sequence Step Types.

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Task Sequence Steps
Inject Drivers
Apply Network Settings
Apply Patches
Apply Windows PE (Vista)
Apply Windows PE (XP)
Capture Groups
Capture User State
Check BIOS
Copy Scripts
Copy Sysprep Files
Create BitLocker Partition
Create WIM
Disable BDE Protectors
Enable BitLocker
Enable OEM Disk Configuration
End Phase
Execute Sysprep
Force Diskpart Action
Format and Partition Disk
Gather local only
Generate Application Migration File
Inject Drivers
Install Applications
Install Operating System
Next Phase
Post-Apply Cleanup
Recover from Domain
Restart computer
Restore Groups
Restore User State
Set Image Build
Set Image Flags
Windows Update (Pre-Application Installation)
Windows Update (Post-Application Installation)
Wipe Disk