Use the Operating System Version condition to verify the existing operating system version of a target computer or the existing client (when capturing an image). For instance, consider a network that contains several servers that will be upgraded from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008. Network settings should be copied and applied only to servers that are running Windows Server 2003. All other servers will have the default network settings that Windows Server 2008 uses.

To add a condition based on operating system version

1.   In the Task Sequence Editor, click the Capture Network Settings task.

2.   Click Add Condition, and then click Operating System Version.

3.   In the Architecture box, click the relevant server. For this example, click x86.

4.   In the Operating system box, click the operating system and version for which to set a condition. For this example, click x86 Windows 2003.

5.   In the Condition box, click the relevant condition, and then click OK.

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