Collect the software needed during the ZTI deployment process. This software will be imported or added to deployment shares unless it already exists in the deployment share.

Note   MDT supports Windows AIK for Windows 7, Windows AIK Supplement for Windows 7 SP1, Windows PE 3.0, and Configuration Manager 2007 with SP2.

Required software includes:

·     Operating system source files for each operating system to be deployed to the reference and target computers

·     Operating system packages for the operating systems, such as security updates, feature packs, and language packs

·     Device drivers for the reference and target computers that are not included as part of the operating system

·     Applications that are to be installed as a part of the operating system image or during the deployment of the reference image

·     USMT source files used to create a software package that is deployed to the target computers to capture user state migration data

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