As part of the image creation process, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 require that all mass storage drivers for all hardware the image is intended to support be present in the image and in the operating system’s critical device database. This is done by adding entries to the Sysprep.inf configuration file, which is processed during the execution of Sysprep before the image is captured.

Note   To add mass storage driver support, rebuild the image using a Sysprep.inf file that contains the new, larger mass storage driver list, prepared using Sysprep, and captured again.

The basic steps for enabling image deployment to hardware requiring additional mass storage drivers are:

1.   Copy all the required mass storage drivers to the reference computer so that they are included in the image.

2.   Update Sysprep.inf to contain entries for each Plug and Play ID listed in the .inf file for each driver to be added.

Note   The Sysprep.inf file should include a BuildMassStorageSection=Yes entry so that all in-box drivers are also supported.

3.   Run Sysprep to process all the drivers, which places them in the critical device database.

4.   Capture the image.

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