Managing the configuration settings stored in the MDT DB using the Deployment Workbench is good for management of a limited number of database entries. However, if you need to add hundreds of entries (such as adding the configuration settings for the target computers) or if you want to perform a bulk update to the configuration settings, use SQL Server database management tools.

Perform bulk import and update of configuration settings in the MDT DB using:

·     Microsoft Office system applications. Microsoft Office Access® or Office Excel have data-manipulation features that allow you to directly modify tables in the MDT DB using tools with which you are already familiar.

·     bcp utility (Bcp.exe). This bulk import/export tool allows you to import configuration settings to and export configuration settings from the tables in the MDT DB.

·     Transact-SQL language in SQL Server. The Transact-SQL language allows you to add, update, or delete entries in tables in the MDT DB.

You can review the tables, views, and other database objects in the MDT DB to determine the tables that you want to update. For more information on the tables and views in the MDT DB, see the section, Tables and Views in the MDT DB, in the MDT document Toolkit Reference.

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