__interface IWizardPageView : IUnknown


    HRESULT GetControlWrapper(int itemId, DialogControlTypes controlType, IUnknown **ppControl);

    HWND GetHwnd(void);

    HWND GetControl(int itemId);

    HRESULT Show (void);

    HRESULT Hide(void);

    HRESULT Focus(int itemId);

    IWizardPage * Page(void);

    IFormController * Form(void);


    HRESULT FocusWizardButton(WizardButtons button);

    HRESULT SetEnable(WizardButtons button, BOOL enable);

    void ShowWarningMessage(LPCTSTR message);

    void HideWarningMessage(void);



This interface is available to the code in your page through the View method (implemented by WizardPageImpl).

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HRESULT GetControlWrapper(int itemId, DialogControlTypes controlType, IUnknown **ppControl)
HWND GetHwnd(void)
HWND GetControl(int itemId)
HRESULT Show (void)
HRESULT Hide(void)
HRESULT Focus(int itemId)
IWizardPage * Page(void)
IFormController * Form(void)
HRESULT FocusWizardButton(WizardButtons button)
HRESULT SetEnable(WizardButtons button, BOOL enable)
void ShowWarningMessage(LPCTSTR message)
void HideWarningMessage(void)