__interface ITaskManager : IUnknown


    HRESULT Init(IWizardPageView *pPageView, int idListView, int idMessage, int idRetryButton, ISettingsProperties *pPageInfo, ITaskManagerCallback *pCallback);

    HRESULT SetFailMessage(LPCWSTR message);


    HRESULT Start(void);


    HRESULT GetTaskMessage(size_t index, LPBSTR message);

    HRESULT GetResultType)(size_t index, LPBSTR type);

    HRESULT GetProperty(size_t index, LPCTSTR propertyName, LPBSTR value);

    int GetSelectedIndex(void);

    HRESULT Wait(DWORD waitMilliseconds);

    size_t FailedCount(void);

    size_t WarningCount(void);

    size_t SucceedCount(void);

    size_t RunningCount(void);


    void OnCommonControlEvent(WORD controlId, LPNMHDR pInfo);

    void OnControlEvent(WORD eventId, WORD controlId);

    void EnableButtons(BOOL enable);



This interface is implemented by the TaskManager component (ID_TaskManager in ITaskManager.h), which is the component that runs tasks on the preflight page. You can either use the preflight page directly, which is what you do most of the time, or build your own page, letting this component do most of the work.

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HRESULT Init(IWizardPageView *pPageView, int idListView, int idMessage, int idRetryButton, ISettingsProperties *pPageInfo, ITaskManagerCallback *pCallback)
HRESULT SetFailMessage(LPCWSTR message)
HRESULT Start(void)
HRESULT GetTaskMessage(size_t index, LPBSTR message)
HRESULT GetResultType)(size_t index, LPBSTR type)
HRESULT GetProperty(size_t index, LPCTSTR propertyName, LPBSTR value)
int GetSelectedIndex(void)
HRESULT Wait(DWORD waitMilliseconds)
size_t FailedCount(void)
size_t WarningCount(void)
size_t SucceedCount(void)
size_t RunningCount(void)
void OnCommonControlEvent(WORD controlId, LPNMHDR pInfo)
void OnControlEvent(WORD eventId, WORD controlId)
void EnableButtons(BOOL enable)