__interface ISimpleStringProperties : IStringProperties


      void Add(LPCTSTR propertyName, LPCTSTR value);



By itself, this interface may not be useful. However, it is implemented by the ID_SimpleStringProperties component, which also implements the IStringProperties interface. You can use this component in cases where you need to pass a set of properties to another component, such as a task, but you want to add values programmatically instead of using values from XML. Here is an example of how you would use this interface:

PSimpleStringProperties *pProperties;

CreateInstance(Container(), ID_SimpleStringProperties, &pProperties);

pProperties->Add(L"filename", L"%windir%\\system32\\cscript.exe");

pTask->Init(pProperties, nullptr);


__interface IStringProperties : IUnknown


    HRESULT Get(LPCTSTR propertyName, [out] LPBSTR pPropValue);



This interface provides simple access to a set of setter elements that come from XML. This interface is available for the properties of a page using Settings()->Properties().

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