After integrating the App-V Desktop Client into the Windows Image file, it is important that it be able to receive virtual applications. Ways to achieve this include:

·     The App-V Desktop Client was configured to stream applications from an App-V Management Server or Streaming Server during installation.

·     Install the application from an MSI file that the App-V Sequencer generated. Use this option to install applications in the image, deploy them with an ESD system, and so on.

·     Install applications using Sftmime, a command-line tool used to manage the App-V Desktop Client. With Sftmime, you can load and unload different virtualized applications. For more information about Sftmime, see the App-V documentation.

Note   Sftmime runs locally on the client computer. To remotely install an application, remote access is required or some sort of logon or remote script must run.

The following is an example of using Sftmime to install an application:

SFTMIME ADD PACKAGE:package-name /MANIFEST manifest-path

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