Use an Installed Software condition to check if a particular piece of software is currently installed on a target computer. Only software installed using Microsoft Installer (MSI) files can be evaluated using this condition. As an example, imagine that you want to upgrade the operating system of all servers except those running Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

To add an Installed Software condition to a task sequence step

1.   In the Configuration Manager console or in the Deployment Workbench, in the task sequence editor, edit task_sequence (where task sequence is the task sequence that will upgrade the servers).

2.   Click the first task in the sequence, and then click the Options tab.

3.   Click Add Condition, and then click Installed Software.

4.   Click Browse, and then click the MSI file for SQL Server 2012.

5.   Select the Match this specific product check box to specify that only computers with SQL Server 2012 and not any other versions are the target computers this query should detect.

6.   Click OK.

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