You can import each type of item, such as operating systems, applications, or device drivers, using MDT cmdlets. For each type of item, there is a specific MDT cmdlet. If you want to import multiple item into a deployment share using Windows PowerShell, see Automating Population of a Deployment Share.

Table 2 lists the MDT Windows PowerShell cmdlets used to import items into a deployment share and provides a brief description of each cmdlet. Examples of how to use each cmdlet is provided in the section that corresponds to each cmdlet.

Table 2. MDT Windows PowerShell Cmdlets for Importing Deployment Share Items




Imports an application into a deployment share


Imports one or more device drivers into a deployment share


Imports one or more operating systems into a deployment share


Imports one or more operating system packages into a deployment share


Imports a task sequence into a deployment share


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