Successfully sequencing applications comes down to knowing the unique installation process for each application, and then understanding how that will interact with the App-V Sequencer. This typically requires two distinct subject matter experts (SMEs) for the sequencing teams:

·     Sequencing SME. The sequencing SME is a specialist in using the App-V Sequencer. The SME manages the sequencing environment, makes sure that no superfluous applications or services are running on the sequencing computer, and makes sure that the sequencing computer is a clean installation. The sequencing SME helps the application SME package applications by guiding that SME through the sequencing process and helping to avoid packaging issues and pitfalls.

·     Application SME. The application SME has knowledge of the applications he or she is assigned. This SME should understand the installation process, the configuration process, how the application works, its inputs and outputs, how the application is updated, and how the application affects the business. The application SME is familiar with the ACT and tools used to assess the application. For App-V, the application SME works closely with the sequencing SME to make sure that applications are properly sequenced. This means testing features in the application for problems after sequencing.

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