You can use GPO packs that are:

·     Provided with MDT. MDT includes GPO packs that were created using the Security Compliance Manager for the operating systems supported by MDT, including:

·     Windows 7 with SP1

·     Windows 7

·     Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1

·     Windows Server 2008 R2

·     Windows Server 2008 with SP2

·     Windows Server 2008

·     Windows Vista with SP2

·     Generated from the Security Compliance Manager. The Security Compliance Manager can export a GPO backup that you can use as a GPO pack. You can copy these GPO packs to the MDT files folder and apply them during the deployment process.

·     Customized by you. You can create your own customized GPO packs based on your organization’s requirements. You can use the security and compliance configuration settings in Security Compliance Manager as a beginning, and then customize those settings for your organization. Then, you can export the security and compliance configurations settings as a GPO backup and subsequently a GPO pack.

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