Table 131 lists the task sequences templates included in MDT, the file name for each template, and a description of the template. The template files are located in the install_folder\SCCM folder (where install_folder is the folder in which MDT was installed).

Table 131. Task Sequence Templates Included in MDT


File name

Select this template to

Client Task Sequence


Deploy client operating systems to target computers for all scenarios except the MDT Replace Computer scenario.

Client Replace Task Sequence


Deploy to target computers for the MDT Replace Computer deployment scenario.

Microsoft Deployment Custom Task Sequence


Create a task sequence that can be customizable to meet the needs of your organization.

Standard Server Task Sequence


Deploy server operating systems to target computers for all scenarios.

User Driven Installation Task Sequence


Deploy operating systems to target computers using UDI.

User Driven Installation Replace Task Sequence


Captures user state migration data from target computers for the MDT Replace Computer Deployment scenario using UDI.


Note   Always use the Create MDT Task Sequence Wizard to import the task sequence templates. Although you can manually import the task sequence templates, doing so is not recommended.

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