In LTI deployments, use the BootStrap.ini file to specify property settings before accessing the CustomSettings.ini file. Use the BootStrap.ini file to provide distribution point information, logon credentials, and Windows PE keyboard locale settings. The properties configured in BootStrap.ini help the MDT scripts locate the appropriate MDT distribution share.

The syntax of the BootStrap.ini file is identical to the CustomSettings.ini file. The BootStrap.ini file contains a subset of the properties used in CustomSettings.ini as follows:

·      DeployRoot

Note   Ensure that the DeployRoot property is specified in the BootStrap.ini file, as the LTI deployment process will not be able to locate the CustomSettings.ini file in the deployment share. If not configured correctly, errors and warnings are displayed when running the Deployment Wizard.

·      SkipBDDWelcome

·      UserDomain

·      UserID

·      UserPassword

·      KeyboardLocale

For more information about each of these properties, see the corresponding section in the MDT document Toolkit Reference.

The Deployment Workbench creates the BootStrap.ini file when you create a deployment share. After the initial creation, make all further customizations manually.

Listing 10 shows the BootStrap.ini file that the Deployment Workbench creates automatically for a deployment share. You may need to customize the BootStrap.ini file in Listing 10.

Listing 10. BootStrap.ini File As Created by the Deployment Workbench for Deployment Shares






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