The main purpose of LTI is to automate the deployment process as much as possible. Although ZTI provides full deployment automation using the MDT scripts and Windows Deployment Services, LTI is designed to work with fewer infrastructure requirements.

You can automate the Windows Deployment Wizard used in the LTI deployment process to reduce (or eliminate) the wizard pages displayed. You can skip the entire Windows Deployment Wizard by specifying the SkipWizard property in CustomSettings.ini. To skip individual wizard pages, use the following properties:

·     SkipAdminPassword

·     SkipApplications

·     SkipBDDWelcome

·     SkipBitLocker

·     SkipBitLockerDetails

·     SkipTaskSequence

·     SkipCapture

·     SkipComputerBackup

·     SkipComputerName

·     SkipDomainMembership

·     SkipFinalSummary

·     SkipLocaleSelection

·     SkipPackageDisplay

·     SkipProductKey

·     SkipSummary

·     SkipTimeZone

·     SkipUserData

For more information about these individual properties, see the corresponding property in the MDT document Toolkit Reference.

For each wizard page skipped, provide the values for the corresponding properties that are typically collected through the wizard page in the CustomSettings.ini and BootStrap.ini files. For more information about the properties that must be configured in these files, see the section, Providing Properties for Skipped Deployment Wizard Pages, in the MDT document Toolkit Reference.

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