This task sequence step partitions and formats disks on the target computer. For more information about this step type, see Format and Partition Disk.

The unique properties and settings for the Format and Partition Disk task sequence step type are:





Set this read-only type to Format and Partition Disk.





Disk number

The physical number of the disk to be configured.

Disk type

The type of drive to be created. Values are Standard—Master Boot Record (MBR) and GUID (globally unique identifier) Partition Table. The default selection is MBR.


Within the Volume setting, the following sub-settings are configurable:

·     Partition Name. A user-definable name.

·     Partition Type. Values are Primary or Extended.

·   Use a percentage of remaining space.

·     Use specific drive size. Values are in increments of 1 MB or 1 gigabyte (GB).

·   Make this a boot partition.

·     File System. Values are NTFS or FAT32.

·     Quick Format. When selected, a quick format is performed.

·     Variable. The drive letter that was assigned to this newly configured partition.


Note   When using the CustomSettings.ini file to specify the hard disk and partition configurations, only the first hard disk and first two partitions will be configured. Edit ZTIGather.xml to configure additional hard disks or partitions.

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