Use the Folder Properties condition to verify the time stamp of a given folder to determine whether to run a task or a group of tasks. For instance, consider a situation in which an internally developed application has been updated to work with Windows 8. However, not all of the computers in the network have the most recent version of the application installed, and you must perform a data-conversion process before you can upgrade the application.

If the time stamp of the folder in which the application is installed is 12/31/2007 or earlier, then the target computer is running the incompatible version of the application, and you should run the data-conversion process on the target computer. Conditionally, run a task sequence step to run the data-conversion process on computers that have an earlier version of the application.

To add a Folder Properties condition to a task sequence step

1.   In the Configuration Manager console or in the Deployment Workbench, in the task sequence editor, edit task_sequence (where task sequence is the task sequence you want to edit).

2.   Create a Command Line task to perform the data-conversion process.

3.   Click the task created in step 1.

4.   Click Add Condition, and then click Folder Properties.

5.   In the Path box, type the path of the folder that contains the application.

6.   Select the Check the timestamp check box.

7.   Click Less than or equals for the condition.

8.   In the Date box, click 12/31/2007.

9.   In the Time box, click 12:00:00 AM, and then click OK.

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