As an optional step in the deployment process for the Refresh Computer scenario, you can perform a backup of a target computer before deploying the target operating system.

You perform the backup process in MDT by using the Imagex.exe tool. The backup process creates an image of the disk volume on which the user state migration data is stored. The purpose of this backup is for recovery of user state migration data, not to restore the target computer from the image.

The storage requirements are a function of the average size of the target computer hard disks, the number of target computers deployed each day, and the length of time you want to retain the backup. For example, if the average target computer hard disk contains 80 GB of data, you are deploying 100 computers per day, and you want to retain the data for one week, the storage requirements for backups are 56 terabytes (TB), or 80 GB × 100 × 7.

Note   By default, the MDT backup process does not back up multiple partitions. If you need to back up multiple partitions, modify the MDT deployment process or use an alternative backup method.

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