Problem: When using LTI to deploy Windows XP on some hardware, the computer halts with a stop error or stops responding while loading Mup.sys after the computer attempts to start in mini-setup. This problem occurs because Windows Vista and Windows PE version 2.0 create disk partitions differently than Windows XP does. This problem occurs only on computers that use certain BIOS firmware.

Possible Solution 1: See the Microsoft Support article You cannot install Windows XP successfully after you use Windows Vista or Windows PE 2.0 to create partitions on a hard disk, which describes the problem and provides an update for Windows XP that can serve as a workaround for the issue. This problem can also occur because of a hardware abstraction layer mismatch between the source computer and the destination computer or may be the result of a missing mass storage driver.

Possible Solution 2: Add data and values to the registry of Windows PE version 2.0. These settings change how Windows PE partitions and formats the hard disk before the Windows XP image is applied. Add the following settings to the Windows PE registry to work around the issue:






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