After determining the storage requirements for the user state migration data, determine where to store the data. Store user state migration data in these locations:

·     On the local computer to reduce the time to deploy Windows as well as network utilization (recommended)

Note   This option can be used only in a Refresh Computer scenario.

·     On a shared folder located on a local server to provide a consistent method of storing user state migration data or when local storage is not available

If user state migration data will be stored locally on the target computers, designate a shared folder in which the deploy process can store the data. By default, the process attempts to store user state data on the local hard disk for the Replace Computer and Refresh Computer scenarios. However, you can override this behavior with configuration settings in CustomSettings.ini. In the event that there is insufficient disk space for the user state data and new image, the deployment scripts attempt to store the information in a shared folder. Providing the shared folder as an alternate storage location makes the deployment process more reliable.

Create a share on a server designated during the planning process for holding the USMT store files. MDT uses values found in CustomSettings.ini to locate the user state store folder.

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