Determine the tables and views to be modified by reviewing the schema of the tables and views in the MDT DB. The table most commonly modified is Settings, which is common to all views, such as the ComputerSettings or LocationSettings.

Note   the views provided with MDT do not require modification, because they already return all columns.

For more information on the tables and views in the MDT DB, see the section, Tables and Views in the MDT DB, in the MDT document Toolkit Reference.

Tip   To determine which views are dependent on a table, look at the Transact-SQL statements used to create the view by right-clicking the view, and then clicking Edit.

Example: How Woodgrove Bank Determined the Tables and Views to Be Modified

Woodgrove Bank has decided that it needs to configure the antivirus server based on the location of a target computer. To do this, the bank’s IT pros need to add an antivirus server configuration setting for each location that they define in the MDT DB.

To make the antivirus server information available, they must:

·     Modify the Settings table

·     Retrieve the information through the LocationSettings view

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