You can deploy Windows 8 applications using LTI like any other application that initiates the installation process from a command line. You can add Windows 8 applications to LTI deployments in the Applications node in the Deployment Workbench.

To deploy a Windows 8 application using LTI

1.   Create a network shared folder in which to store the application.

2.   Copy the Windows 8 application into the network shared folder that you created in the previous step.

Ensure that you copy the Windows 8 application .appx file and any other required files, such as a .cer file that contains the application certificate.

3.   Create an LTI application item for the Windows 8 application in the Applications node in the Deployment Workbench using the New Application Wizard.

While completing the New Application Wizard, on the Command Details wizard page, in Command line, type app_file_name (where app_file_name is the name of the Windows 8 application).

For more information about how to complete the New Application Wizard in the Deployment Workbench, see the following sections in the MDT document, Using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit:

·     Create a New Application That Is Deployed from the Deployment Share

·     Create a New Application That Is Deployed from Another Network Shared Folder

4.   Select the LTI application item created in the previous step in an LTI task sequence.

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