The App-V Desktop Client is available as both a Setup.exe version and an MSI file. You can deploy either easily as an application after deploying an image using MDT. This has the advantage of keeping an image light, and the App-V Desktop Client can easily be updated, ensuring that new installations always use the latest client. This option does not provide much in the way of managing application options. The App-V Desktop Client provides an option for performing automatic updates through WSUS.

This method provides the ability to better target the client’s configuration. For example, during deployment, choose whether to install the client at all. The client can be installed with one configuration on portable computers and another configuration on desktop computers. It allows configuration of different options for different language versions based on the installation of language packs. It can also allow for the deployment of a specific configuration for different deployment shares. For more information about customizing application installations, see Configuring Applications in the Deployment Workbench.

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