Problem: When deploying to certain target computers, Windows PE starts, runs wpeinit, opens a Command Prompt window, but does not actually start the deployment process. Troubleshooting by mapping a network drive from the target computer indicates that the network adapter drivers are not loaded. A review of the SetupAPI.log file located in X:\Windows\System32\Inf indicates that Windows PE generates errors when it is configuring the network adapter, one of which is, “This driver is not meant for this platform.” The drivers in the Out-of-Box Drivers list have been injected into the image.

Possible Solution: It is possible that Windows PE is having a driver conflict with another driver. When configuring the settings for the Windows PE image in the Deployment Workbench, create a Windows PE drivers group that contains only network adapter and storage drivers, and then configure the deployment share to use only the Windows PE driver group. If you have included both Windows XP and Windows Vista drivers, add the driver for Windows Vista into the Windows PE drivers group.

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