Start this scenario by running the Configuration Manager task sequence deployment (advertisement) for capturing the user state migration data that you created earlier in the process. This task sequence runs in the current operating system on the existing target computer.

To deploy the capture images to the target computers in the Refresh Computer Deployment Scenario Using UDI

1.   On the target computer, run the Configuration Manager deployment (advertisement) for capturing the Refresh Computer deployment scenario that you created earlier in the deployment process.

The task sequence starts. Eventually, the task sequence starts the UDI Wizard.

2.   Complete the UDI Wizard by selecting the appropriate values on the wizard pages for your organization’s requirements, as described in Running the UDI Wizard.

3.   Optionally, view the MDT deployment process using the Monitoring node in the Deployment Workbench or using the Get-MDTMonitorData cmdlet.

For more information about monitoring MDT deployments, see View MDT Deployment Progress.

The task sequence runs in Windows PE to capture user state migration data. The task sequence restarts the computer, starts Windows PE, and then initiates installation of the new operating system. The task sequence restarts the computer, starts the new operating system, restores the user state migration data, installs any packages, installs any applications, and performs any other actions configured in the task sequence. Finally, the OSD Results program, OSDResults.exe, runs and displays the results of the deployment. The target computer is now deployed.

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