Start the Deployment Wizard on the existing operating system on the target computer to start the Standard Client task sequence or Standard Server task sequence created earlier in the process. The Deployment Wizard saves the user state migration data of the existing target computer to the location you specify. Later in the task sequence, the user state migration data is restored to the target computer.

To complete the Deployment Wizard

1.   Start the Deployment Wizard by connecting to the appropriate deployment share (for example, \\server_name\Distribution$\Scripts) and typing cscript litetouch.vbs.

The Deployment Wizard starts.

2.   Complete the Deployment Wizard as described in Running the Deployment Wizard, ensuring that you specifically follow the configuration settings on the wizard pages listed in Table 17 and select the values on the other wizard pages appropriate to your organization.

Table 17. Information for Completing the Deployment Wizard for the Refresh Computer Deployment Scenario Using LTI

On this wizard page

Do this

Select a task sequence to execute on this computer

Select the task sequence you created for the target computer deployment for the Refresh Computer deployment scenario.

Choose a migration type.

Click Refresh this computer.

Specify where to save your data and settings.

Select one of the following options based on the requirements of your organization:

·     Automatically determine the location

·     Specify a location


The wizard starts, and the operating system deployment starts. At the end of the process, the Deployment Summary dialog box appears.

3.   In the Deployment Summary dialog box, click Details.

If any errors or warnings occur, review them, and record any diagnostic information. For more information about the errors or warnings, see the MDT document Troubleshooting Reference.

4.   In the Deployment Summary dialog box, click Finish.

The target computer is now deployed.

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