The following Windows PowerShell commands create a source folder that contains content used to create bootable media. The Production deployment share will be used as the source. The Everything selection profile determines what content is placed in the media content folder. The LiteTouchMedia.iso file will be created when the media is generated. The media will support both x86 and x64 platforms.

·      Add-PSSnapIn Microsoft.BDD.PSSnapIn

·      New-PSDrive -Name "DS002" -PSProvider MDTProvider -Root "D:\Production Deployment Share"

·      New-item -path "DS002:\Media" -enable "True" -Name "MEDIA001" -Comments "some comment here" -Root "D:\Media" -SelectionProfile "Everything" -SupportX86 "True" -SupportX64 "True" -GenerateISO "True" -ISOName "LiteTouchMedia.iso" -Verbose

·      New-PSDrive -Name "MEDIA001" -PSProvider "MDTProvider" -Root "D:\Media\Content" -Description "Embedded media deployment share" -Force -Verbose

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