The following Windows PowerShell commands create the Adobe Reader 9 application using source files from D:\Software\Adobe\Reader 9. The application will be stored in the Production deployment share, which is in D:\Production Deployment Share.

·      Add-PSSnapIn Microsoft.BDD.PSSnapIn

·      New-PSDrive -Name "DS002" -PSProvider MDTProvider -Root "D:\Production Deployment Share"

·      Import-MDTApplication -path "DS002:\Applications" -enable "True" -Name "Adobe Reader 9" -ShortName "Reader" -Version "9" -Publisher "Adobe" -Language "" -CommandLine "setup.exe" -WorkingDirectory ".\Applications\Adobe Reader 9" -ApplicationSourcePath "D:\Software\Adobe\Reader 9" -DestinationFolder "Adobe Reader 9" -Source ".\Applications\Adobe Reader 9" -Verbose

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