Before creating a task sequence to replace an existing computer, create a computer association between the existing computer and its replacement so that Configuration Manager 2007 R3 can migrate user accounts and state data.

Before a computer association can be established, both the existing computer and the new computer must be in the Configuration Manager database. If the new computer already has an operating system installed, you can add it to the network that Configuration Manager 2007 R3 discovers. If it is does not have an operating system installed, import the computer information into Configuration Manager 2007 R3 as described at How to Add a New Computer to the Configuration Manager Database.

When the computer information for the new and existing computers is available in the Configuration Manager database, create a computer association.

To create the computer association in Configuration Manager 2007 R3

1.   In the Configuration Manager console, go to System Center Configuration Manager/Site Database/Computer Management/Operating System Deployment/Computer Associations.

2.   In the Actions pane, click New, and then click Computer Association.

3.   In the New Computer Association dialog box, on the Computer Association tab, in the Source Computer box, type COMPUTER1 as the name of the source computer that contains the user state data to be migrated to the new computer. Or, click Search to open the Search Computer dialog box, and then search for the source computer.

4.   In the Destination Computer box, type COMPUTER2 as the name of the destination computer that will receive the user state data. Or, click Search to open the Search Computer dialog box, and then search for the destination computer.

5.   Click the User Accounts tab.

6.   To specify the user accounts that should be migrated from the source computer to the destination computer, click the yellow star icon to open the Add User Account dialog box, and then type the account name, or click Browse to search for accounts. For this sample, leave this box empty.

Note   If no user accounts are specified, all user accounts on the source computer will be migrated.

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