To create a publication of the MDT DB to which the child deployment servers can subscribe, perform these steps:

1.   In SQL Server Management Studio, expand Replication, right-click Local Publications, and then click New Publication.

2.   In the New Publication Wizard, click Next.

3.   On the Publication Database page, click the MDT DB, and then click Next.

4.   On the Publication Type page, click Snapshot publication, and then click Next.

5.   On the Articles page, select all Tables, Stored Procedures, and Views, and then click Next.

6.   On the Articles Issues page, click Next.

7.   On the Filter Table Rows page, click Next.

8.   On the Snapshot Agent page, perform these steps:

a.   Select Create a snapshot immediately and keep the snapshot available to initialize subscriptions.

b.   Click Schedule the Snapshot Agent to run at the following times.

c.   Click Change.

Note   Specify a schedule that will occur one hour before the database replicates.

9.   Click Next.

10. On the Agent Security page, click the account under which the snapshot agent will run, and then click Next.

11. On the Wizard Actions page, click Create the publication, and then click Next.

12. On the Complete the Wizard page, in the publication name box, type a descriptive publication name.

13. Click Finish to complete the wizard, and then click Close when the wizard has created the publication.

Note   The publication will now be visible beneath the Local Publications node in SQL Server Management Studio.

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