Problem: When deploying an image, the deployment fails with the following entries in the BDD.log file:

·      The image \\Server\Deployment$\Operating Systems\Windows XP SP2\version1.wim was not applied successfully by ImageX, rc = 2

·      LTIApply COMPLETED.  Return Value = 2

·      ZTI ERROR - Non-zero return code by LTIApply, rc = 2

Investigate the issue by mounting the WIM file using ImageX results in the error, “The data is invalid.” Further investigation shows that the date stamp of the .wim file is many years before the current date. It is possible that another process, such as a virus scanner, was holding the .wim file open after it was previously closed at the conclusion of a Read or Write process.

Possible Solution: Restore the .wim file from backup media.

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