You can copy items by dragging an item from the source location to the target location.

To copy items in the Deployment Workbench using drag-and-drop functionality

1.   Click Start, and then point to All Programs. Point to Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and then click Deployment Workbench.

2.   In the Deployment Workbench console tree, go to Deployment Workbench/Deployment Shares/deployment_share/item_type (where deployment_share is the name of the deployment share to which you will copy the item and item_type is the type of item you will copy, such as an operating system or device driver).

3.   In the details pane, drag item (where item is the name of the item to be copied) to the target location, press CTRL, and then release the mouse button.

The item is copied to the target location in the details pane of the Deployment Workbench.

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