Restart the target computer after installing an application by selecting the Restart the computer after installing this application check box on the Details tab of the application Properties dialog box. Selecting this check box causes the Deployment Wizard to restart the target computer after installing the application, and then continue with the next step in the task sequence.

Caution   Do not allow the application to restart the target computer. MDT must control restarts, or the task sequence will fail. For example, use the command REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS to prevent some Windows Installer–based applications from restarting. To prevent Microsoft Office from restarting the computer, add the property SETUP_REBOOT=NEVER to the Config.xml file or the MST file created by using the Office Customization Tool.

For more information on how to configure MDT to restart the target computer after installing an application, see Configure the Application Properties Details Tab.

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