The Configure DB Wizard configures the Priority property and creates the corresponding section in the CustomSettings.ini file for deployments by role using the MDT DB. Table 195 lists the sections created and provides a brief description of purpose for each. Refer to the example CustomSettings.ini file in Table 195.

Table 195. Sections in the CustomSettings.ini File for Deployment by Roles and Their Purpose




Queries the ComputerRoles view to identify the roles that are associated with a computer based on any combination of the UUID, AssetTag, SerialNumber, and MACAddress properties


Queries the RoleSettings view to return all the property values associated with a role


Queries the RolePackages view to return all the packages associated with a role


Queries the RoleApplications view to return all the applications associated with a role


Queries the RoleAdministrators view to return all the user accounts to be made members of the local Administrator group on the target computers associated with a role


Queries the LocationRoles view to return all the roles associated with a location


Queries the MakeModelRoles view to return all the roles associated with a specific make and model


For more information about the database view and tables that the Deployment Workbench manages, see the section, Tables and Views in the MDT DB, in the MDT document Toolkit Reference.

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