For information about which operating system deployment log files created by:

·     Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007, see Log Files for Operating System Deployment.

·     Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, see Technical Reference for Log Files in Configuration Manager.

When executing Windows User State Migration Tool (USMT) operations, MDT automatically adds the logging options to save the USMT log files to the MDT log file locations. The log files and when they are created are as follows:

·     USMTEstimate.log. Created when estimating the USMT requirements

·     USMTCapture.log. Created by the USMT when capturing data

·     USMTRestore.log. Created by the USMT when restoring data

The ZeroTouchInstallation.vbs script automatically scans the USMT progress log files for errors and warnings. The script generates event ID 41010 to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager with the following summary (where usmt_type is ESTIMATE, SCANSTATE, or LOADSTATE; error_count is the total number of errors found; and warning_count is the total number of warnings found):

ZTI USMT <usmt_type> reported <error_count> errors and <warning_count> warnings

If the error count is greater than 0, this event is an Error type. If the warning count is greater than 0 with no errors, then the event is a Warning type. Otherwise, the event is an Informational type.

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