Authorizing the DHCP service within AD DS is imperative to successfully deploying and using DHCP services within a Windows-based network.

Note   The ZTI task sequence templates that are provided with MDT do not include an Authorize DHCP task sequence step type. You must manually add this step type if you want to automatically authorize the DHCP server as a part of the ZTI deployment.

To authorize the DHCP server role in AD DS

1.   Edit task_sequence_name (where task_sequence_name is the name of the task sequence to which you want to add the task sequence step) for:

·     LTI as described in Configure the Task Sequence Properties Task Sequence Tab

·     ZTI using Configuration Manager 2012 as described in Configuring ZTI Task Sequence Steps in Configuration Manager 2012

·     ZTI using Configuration Manager 2007 R3 as described in Configuring ZTI Task Sequence Steps in Configuration Manager 2007 R3

2.   Add a new task sequence step based on the Authorize DHCP task sequence type for:

·     LTI on the Task Sequence tab (In the task sequence hierarchy, click Add, click Roles, and then click Authorize DHCP.)

·     ZTI in the task sequence hierarchy (Click Add, click MDT, and then click Authorize DHCP.)

3.   On the Properties tab, type the relevant information in the following boxes:

·     Name. The name by which the task appears in the task sequence list.

·     Description. A description of the task.

4.   In the Account box, type the name of an account with permissions to authorize the DHCP service in AD DS. Click Set, and then type the following information in the relevant boxes:

·     Username. The account that can authorize DHCP, in the format domain\user

·     Password. The password for the account

·     Confirm Password. Retype the password

5.   Click OK, then click OK again.

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