Use this wizard page to configure the computer name of the target computer, the domain or workgroup to join, and the credentials to be used when joining a domain. When you configure this page to join the target computer to a domain, this wizard page will validate the credentials you provide for joining the domain in AD DS by default. Then, this wizard page attempts to modify a computer object in AD DS to verify that the user credentials provided on this page have permissions to create or modify the computer object. You can disable either of these behaviors. If you disable the validation of the credentials, then the verification of permissions for creating or modifying computer objects is also disabled. Both of these validations occur when the Next button is clicked. If either of the validations encounters an error, an error message will be displayed and this page will continue to be displayed.

The following is the order of precedence for determining the default computer name:

1.   If the UserExistingComputerName value in the UDI Wizard configuration file is set to TRUE, then the existing computer name is used (if present).

2.   If the OSDComputerName task sequence variable is set, then the computer name in that variable is used.

3.   If a default value is specified for the computer name in the UDI Wizard configuration file, then that value is used.

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