Each task sequence group and step has configurable settings on the Properties and Options tabs that are common to all task sequence groups and steps. These common settings are briefly described in the following sections.

Common Properties

Table 1 shows the settings that are available on the Properties tab of each task sequence step. For more information about the Properties tab for a particular task sequence step, see the topic that corresponds to the step later in this reference.

Note   The task sequence step types listed here are those that are available in the Deployment Workbench. Additional task sequence step types might be available when configuring task sequences using Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager or System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

Table 1. Settings Available on the Properties Tab






A read-only value that indicates the task sequence group or step type. The type will be set to one of these values:

·     Apply Network Settings

·     Authorize DHCP

·     Capture Network Settings

·     Configure ADDS

·     Configure DHCP

·     Configure DNS

·     Enable BitLocker

·     Format and Partition Disk

·     Gather

·     Group

·     Inject Drivers

·     Install Application

·     Install Operating System

·     Install Roles and Features

·     Install Updates Offline

·     Recover From Domain Join Failure

·     Restart computer

·     Run Command Line

·     Set Task Sequence Variable

·     Validate




A user-defined name that should allow easy identification and differentiation from other task sequence steps.




A user-defined description that should make the task sequence step requirements and tasks easily understandable.




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