Problem: When running the Windows Deployment Wizard, the wizard displays the error message “Bad Task Sequence Item (Invalid OS GUID).” The operating system is listed in the OperatingSystem.xml file; however, the operating system is not displayed in the Deployment Workbench.

Possible Solution: The original operating system source has two or more WIM files associated. A SKU that is associated with a task sequence is deleted; however, other SKUs for the operating system source still exist. When the task sequence that references the deleted SKU is selected on the Select a task sequence to execute on this computer wizard page in the Windows Deployment Wizard, the error message “Bad Task Sequence Item (Invalid OS GUID)" is displayed after you click Next on the wizard page.

To resolve this problem, perform one of the following tasks:

·     Remove all SKUs from the operating system source. The Windows Deployment  Wizard behaves normally, and the error message is not displayed.

·     Change the task sequence to use a different operating system image.

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