Consider using MDT to automate the process of building standardized images for Sysprep to capture later in the process. You can deploy these images, which you prepared using Sysprep, to computers using image-distribution technologies other than MDT.

In this scenario, you might need to pre-deploy a predefined list of non-Microsoft mass storage drivers into the image in preparation for capture and deployment to systems with these mass storage controllers. This method allows the injection of a set of device drivers into a system when running Sysprep. The steps for automating the deployment to other hardware are:

1.   Import storage drivers into the Deployment Workbench using known tools and procedures.

Each driver package must have a TxtSetup.oem file that contains a valid list of Plug and Play IDs representing devices to be deployed.

2.   Populate CustomSettings.ini (or some other method) with the StorageDriverSysPrepGroup list item.

This list item contains a list all driver storage groups to be included in Sysprep:

StorageDriverSysPrepGroup001 = AccountingStorageGroup

StorageDriverSysPrepGroup002 = SalesStorageGroup

Note   Only storage drivers contained in these groups will be deployed to the Sysprep image.

3.   Perform a deployment and capture to a reference computer with the defined storage groups.

The captured image should contain the storage drivers specified in the StorageDriverSysPrepGroup list item.

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