After identifying how to group configuration settings, determine which properties and corresponding configuration settings to apply to each group. Properties that can be grouped are those you can apply to multiple computers.

Some examples of properties that are typically applied to groups of computers include:

·     BackupDir

·     BackupShare

·     CaptureGroups

·     ComputerBackupLocation

·     Packages

·     SLShare

·     UDDir

·     UDShare

·     UDProfiles

Properties that are not applied to groups of computers are those specific to a particular computer. Examples of properties that are not appropriate to apply to groups of computers include:

·     OSDAdapter0IPAddress

·     OSDNewMachineName

Example: Group-based Configuration Settings Selected by Woodgrove Bank

Listing 11 showed an example in which Woodgrove Bank selects group-based configuration settings:

·     In the NYC and DALLAS locations, UDShare, SLShare, and Administrator1 are specified for each location.

·     The servers that UDShare and SLSShare (NYC-AM-FIL-01 and DAL-AM-FIL-01) reference are within each respective location.

·     The Administrator accounts that Administrator1 (WOODGROVEBANK\NYC Help Desk Staff and WOODGROVEBANK\DAL Help Desk Staff) reference are unique to each respective location.

·     In NYC, location-specific packages are designated by Packages1 and Packages2.

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