Another option for deploying the App-V Desktop Client is to integrate it directly into the Windows image. This can save the time it takes to install the client during deployment. You lose a degree of flexibility when using this method, as the version of the App-V Desktop Client is locked into the image. To update the client, you must create a new image. Additionally, the options chosen during the installation are static and cannot be reconfigured for different scenarios. This deployment method is most convenient in smaller homogenous deployments. It is not recommended in environments that have both desktop computers and portable computers, each with different configuration requirements.

Note  A new Group Policy template is available for configuring the App-V Desktop Client. You can download the Microsoft Application Virtualization Administrative Template (ADM Template) from the Microsoft Download Center.

Warning   When installing the App-V Desktop Client in a Windows image, ensure that the App-V cache is empty in the image. Preloading applications in the image is not supported.

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